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The History of the T-Shirt

At TShirtGifter.com we know nothing but passion for T-Shirts in all their forms. The right T-Shirt can turn you from one of the crowd in to a crowd pleaser. Slip one on and you're already in a relaxed mood. One of the most important decisions of the day that colleagues at the TShirtGifter.com offices make is choosing from a broad array of T-Shirts in the morning. After all, the right T-Shirt gives you, me, the wearer, the opportunity to frame our day, through the design on the front, with anything from a slogan offering a broad world view to, probably more likely, a way to make your friends laugh down the pub.

But where did these mighty items come from? How did The humble T-Shirt come in to being? What were the outfitting trends which led all the cool kids to put on the mighty T? At TShirtGifter.com, we couldn't live without knowing and so we sent one of our team in to the hallowed library of clothing history to dust off mighty T-Shirt Tomes and find out.

The T-Shirt was originally started out as an under garment, the historical version of a vest, more than a hundred years ago. The strength of the T-Shirt comes from its simplicity. With a low cost to produce a high quality garment, most often constructed from cotton, no buttons or collar to get in the way, it quickly became a must have item, growing in popularity during the great depression in the US and being adopted by the masses when it was popularised by the American Navy in World War 2 (when it was really hot, they could take their heavier military uniforms off and wear a T.)

Later, in the 1950s, inventive entrepreneurs in America started playing with designs on the front of the previously 'just a bit boring' Navy issue. Brando put one on in A Streetcar Named Desire. Presley had one on when he performed. Steve McQueen hardly ever took his off. And once the glitterati had decided, popular culture wasn't too far behind.

Possibly the biggest event in the history of T-Shirts was the launch of TShirtGifter.com in 2012. The site was born to offer you the best of the world's T-Shirt range. Now, right here, on TShirtGifter.com you can sift and filter from only the best of this world changing garment and find your part of the ongoing history of what has become the world's most popular clothing item.

Relax with your mouse, secure in the knowledge that when you choose your T, you'll be in the company of hundreds of years of wearers, from the poorest mid western farmers in the 1930s to a Navy gunner two decades later and now, the coolest cats in Australia. You don't get a better pedigree than that.

About us

T-Shirt Gifter is a project about finding that perfect t-shirt. Rate some designs, and - if the computer gods crunch away at the right numbers - more t-shirts that you like should come your way.


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